6 Most Common Peugeot e208 Charging Problems (+Solutions)

Apart from some minor issues, the Peugeot e208 is a decent electric car. It has an above-average range and incredibly low running costs. Despite a higher initial price, many people choose the Peugeot e208 for its amazing features.

I hate to be the breaker of the bad news, but the Peugeot e208 is plagued with charging issues.

These issues are random and may be caused by reason or reasons unknown. This article will discuss the 6 most common Peugeot e208 charging problems and their solutions.

So let’s get started!

How Long Does it Take to Charge Peugeot e208?

Peugeot e208 is equipped with a 50 kWh battery pack which takes 6 hours to charge at a level-II charging station, while at home, it would take 22-23 hours. At a DC fast charging station, the battery packs of e208 can be charged up to 80% in less than 40 minutes.

The battery pack of the Peugeot e208 is quite efficient. It boasts an efficiency of 3.9 miles per kWh. Peugeot e208 can give you a total driving range of up to 225 miles on a single charge. The best part about e208 is its DC fast charging infrastructure. Peugeot e208 is laced with DC fast charging ability maxed out at 100 kW. It is the fastest charging solution.

Is Peugeot e208 Prone to Charging Problems?

Yes, the Peugeot e208 is prone to various charging problems. Whether it be hardware or software-related issues, Peugeot e208 owners face several problems while charging. It seems that the EV has a poorly designed charging system.

The most annoying part about Peugeot e208 charging problems is their randomness. Most issues can be resolved by unplugging and replugging the charger or locking and unlocking the car. You are never sure what the problem is. You will often play hide and seek while dealing with the charging problems of the Peugeot e208.

What are the Most Common Peugeot e208 Charging Problems?

The most common charging problems of the Peugeot e208 are solid white or red light appearing on the LED indicator. Users have reported interruptions while charging, firmware issues, and the battery showing full charge when it is not. Another common charging error of Peugeot e208 is the battery charge fault message.

Let’s discuss each of these issues in detail. I’ll highlight possible solutions to each of these problems as well.

Problem #1: Charging Interrupted

Why Does it Happen?

Peugeot e208 owners have been facing strange issues of interrupted charging sessions. Various reasons have been reported for this, but all those are inconclusive. The most prominent reason for charging interruptions in Peugeot e208 is the Charge Control Unit defect.

Some models of Peugeot e208 are prone to CCU issues. CCU is responsible for monitoring and administering the charging process of an EV. In case it malfunctions, your EV won’t charge properly. Interruptions while charging is a clear sign of CCU defect.

How Do You Solve It?

CCU is a critical component of the charging system of your Peugeot e208. If it goes bad, there is no solution but to replace it. It can be quite expensive to replace the charging unit of the Peugeot e208. So, it is best to take your car to an expert technician who can make the final call. An 8-year extended warranty covers Peugeot e208. If the warranty applies, it is best to use it.

Problem #2: Solid White Light on LED Indicator

Why Does it Happen?

An LED indicator on the charging port of Peugeot e208 will light up white, red, blue, or green depending upon the state of charging. A solid white light means the charger is plugged in, but your vehicle isn’t charging. Again, a faulty charge unit is the main culprit behind this issue.

However, there might be an issue with the charging point in some cases. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the charging point has a problem. A white light simply means that the charging point isn’t transmitting power. This may be due to something as simple as voltage fluctuation.

How Do You Solve It?

Try unplugging and replugging the charger whenever a solid white light appears on the LED indicator. You can also shift to another charging station and see if the Peugeot e208 is charging. As a final resort, you will need to replace the charging unit of your Peugeot e208.

Important: EV battery replacement can cost $1000s. To avoid high-voltage battery replacement, there are some things you can do. Read this article to find out the 10 best ways to maximize EV battery life and save tons of money!

Problem #3: Battery Charge Fault Stop the Vehicle

Why Does it Happen?

This is not a charging error per se, but many people are confused about it. So, that is why I’m discussing it. Peugeot e208 owners might see an error message “Battery charge fault, stop the vehicle” on the information cluster.

Naturally, you think this error is related to the main EV battery. However, this error concerns the auxiliary battery of your Peugeot e208. This message might come up when the battery terminals are loose or rusty.

How Do You Solve It?

To resolve this error message, you must tighten the terminals of the 12V battery. If you see rust or signs of corrosion, try cleaning the terminals with a degreasing agent. Turn your Peugeot e208 on and off; the error should go away.

Problem #4: Solid Red Light on LED Indicator

Why Does it Happen?

A solid red light on the LED indicator of your Peugeot e208 indicates that the charging process has stopped or has been interrupted. This issue is particularly present when charging your car on a DC fast charger or a pod point charger.

There seems to be some sort of compatibility issue when it comes to pod point and DC fast chargers. Most owners cannot charge their Peugeot e208 on a fast charging station. The red light appears from the beginning or may come up after some time.

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How Do You Solve It?

If you’re facing trouble while charging on a pod point charger, try using a regular 3-pin home charging lead. Sometimes the issue gets resolved if you unplug and replug the charger. With DC fast charging, you might have to lock your car before the charging process can start.

Problem #5: Charging Finished When Battery is Uncharged

Why Does it Happen?

Another bizarre charging problem with Peugeot e208 is that the charging process is concluded while the battery level is less than 100%. Users have reported that the information cluster shows full charge while the battery level is 50%.

This problem mostly occurs while using Zappi chargers. Zappi offers three different modes of charging. When Zappi is in Eco or Eco+ mode, it responds to the power fluctuations in the main grid. When you turn on a high-power appliance at your house, the Zappi charger refrains from drawing more power and stops charging.

How Do You Solve It?

Whenever you face the issue of incomplete charging with Peugeot e208, try unplugging and replugging the charger. This will do the trick. But the problem is quite annoying. You leave your car for charging and, hours later, come back to find that the car isn’t charged.

Problem #6: Firmware Issues

Why Does it Happen?

The charging firmware of the Peugeot e208 allows for a certain number of interruptions while charging. Once that threshold is crossed, the charging process is interrupted. This is done to guard against a faulty charger. If charging is repeatedly interrupted, the firmware thinks you’re using a faulty charger, which may impact the charging hardware. Hence the charging is stopped.

How Do You Solve It?

The best way to cope with firmware issues is the visit the Peugeot dealership. The company offers to update the firmware of your e208 free of cost. The updated firmware has increased the number of allowed interruptions from 9 to 30.

How to Avoid Peugeot e208 Charging Problems?

The best way to avoid Peugeot e208 charging problems is to find out which charger and charging point works best for your car and stick to it. If you keep trying different chargers and locations, charging problems are bound to occur.

Peugeot e208 is plagued with multiple charging issues. You will face your fair share of these problems. The only way to avoid further charging problems is to deal with any underlying issues head-on. Try to resolve the matter and pinpoint the problem as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to visit the Peugeot dealership, as the issues worsen with time.


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