Setting the Charging Timer for Your Audi e-tron: Read This First

Owning an electric vehicle, such as the Audi e-tron, comes with the advantage of flexible charging options to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

One essential feature is the charging timer, allowing users to schedule charging during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower.

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting the charging timer for your Audi e-tron, highlighting common mistakes and problems users may encounter.

1. Accessing the Charging Timer Settings

To begin, locate the charging timer settings on your Audi e-tron. Depending on the model year and software version, you can typically find these settings in the MMI (Multi Media Interface) system or the myAudi app.

In the MMI system, navigate to the “Vehicle” or “Energy” section to find the charging options. For the myAudi app, look for the charging or vehicle settings within the application.

2. Understanding Departure Time

One of the primary settings in the charging timer menu is the “Departure Time.” This setting determines when your Audi e-tron should be fully charged by your planned departure time.

However, it’s important to note that some users find this terminology a bit confusing. The departure time is not when the charging starts but rather when it should be completed.

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3. Setting the Departure Time

Suppose you want your Audi e-tron to be fully charged by 7:00 AM. In that case, you would set the departure time to 7:00 AM.

The vehicle will calculate when to commence charging based on factors like current battery level and charging speed, ensuring it reaches the desired charge level by the specified departure time.

4. Overcoming the Lack of Start Time

One common point of confusion for Audi e-tron owners is the absence of a specific “Start Time” option in the charging timer settings. Unlike some other electric vehicles, Audi’s charging timer primarily revolves around the departure time.

To start charging at a specific time, you can use a workaround. Set your departure time slightly earlier than your desired charging start time. For instance, if you want to start charging at 12:30 AM, set the departure time for 12:00 AM.

This way, the charging process should initiate by the time you intend to start.

5. Preferred Start and End Time

For more flexibility, Audi e-tron provides a “Preferred Start and End Time” option. This allows you to set a window during which the vehicle should start and end charging. While this is not an explicit start time, it provides some control over when the charging process can initiate.

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6. Taking Advantage of Off-Peak Rates

If you’re on a time-of-use electricity plan with lower rates during specific hours, the charging timer becomes even more valuable.

By aligning your charging preferences with these off-peak hours, you can save on electricity costs while still ensuring your Audi e-tron is adequately charged for your daily needs.

7. Troubleshooting Timer Issues

In some cases, Audi e-tron owners have reported issues with the charging timer not behaving as expected. If you encounter such problems, consider checking the advanced charging settings, ensuring that your location and GPS information are accurate.

Additionally, a software update or resetting the MMI to factory defaults, as suggested by some users, might resolve any glitches in the system.

8. Embracing Smart Charging Solutions

For those who want even more control over their charging experience, integrating smart charging solutions can be beneficial. Some users opt for third-party home charging stations with advanced scheduling features or smart home platforms that allow seamless integration with their Audi e-tron.


Setting charging timers for your Audi e-tron can significantly enhance your EV ownership experience, providing convenience and potential cost savings.

While the terminology might be a bit unconventional, understanding how the departure time functions can help you achieve your desired charging schedule.

Whether you’re aiming for off-peak rates or simply want your e-tron ready at a specific time, mastering the charging timer settings ensures a smooth and efficient charging routine.

Experiment with the various options available, and soon you’ll find the perfect charging schedule that suits your lifestyle and energy needs