Troubleshooting BMW i3 Charging Issues

The BMW i3, with its innovative electric design, represents a leap into the future of automotive technology.

However, like any advanced system, the i3 may encounter charging issues that can perplex owners. In this guide, we will explore the most common BMW i3 charging problems and provide practical solutions to ensure a seamless charging experience.

1. Failure to Activate Timed Charging

A frequent concern reported by BMW i3 owners is the failure of the vehicle to activate timed charging as scheduled. This issue often arises when the Myenergi app settings revert from “Timed” to “Manual.

Solution: To address this, check the i3’s settings and ensure that there are no conflicting timers set within the car’s system. Additionally, update the Myenergi app and monitor the app’s display, recognizing that it might sometimes show “Manual” despite scheduled charging being active.

2. Confusion with Myenergi App

Many users find the Myenergi app somewhat challenging to navigate, leading to confusion in setting up timed charging.

Solution: Familiarize yourself with the app’s functionality. Dr. Chris from Myenergi recommends setting boost periods on the Zappi “Timed” tab and checking for a small clock symbol indicating active timers. Despite initial confusion, users have reported success with timed charging once they become accustomed to the app’s interface.

3. Unexpected Zappi Behavior

Some i3 owners reported instances where the Zappi charger behaved unexpectedly, charging at unusual times or with unexpected power levels.

Solution: Ensure that the Zappi settings align with your preferences by double-checking the time-of-day clock settings. If issues persist, consider updating the Zappi firmware to the latest version. Additionally, check for any conflicting settings or timers that might interfere with the desired charging behavior.

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4. Zappi Settings Reverting to “Fast” and “Manual”

A recurring problem is the Zappi charger settings reverting to “Fast” and “Manual,” even after being initially set to “Eco+” and “Timed.

Solution: Users have suggested visual indicators, such as a blue circle and blue line, to clearly show the current settings on the app. While the app may display “Manual,” observe whether the scheduled charging still occurs. The key is to focus on the actual charging behavior rather than relying solely on the app’s display.

5. Damaged Charger Dilemma

Over time, wear and tear can affect the BMW i3 charger, potentially leading to internal wiring damage. Leaking from the charger is not uncommon, and it might be misinterpreted as a battery problem.

Solution: Regularly inspect the charger for damage and leaks. If issues persist, consult the dealership for a thorough inspection. Testing the vehicle with a different charger at home can help identify whether the charger is the culprit.

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6. Low-Cost Charging Woes

The BMW i3 offers a low-cost charging feature designed to reduce charging expenses. However, issues may arise when the produced current is insufficient, causing prolonged charging times or, in some cases, a failure to charge, especially with older batteries.

Solution: Opt for low-cost charging during off-peak times when the current is maximized. Choosing strategic charging periods, like between 12 am and 6 am, can enhance the effectiveness of this feature.


Owning a BMW i3 promises an exhilarating dive into the world of electric vehicles. Navigating common charging quandaries related to timed charging, app navigation, Zappi unpredictability, and setting reversions empowers BMW i3 enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of their electric driving experience.

Stay informed, stay adaptive, and relish the avant-garde and eco-conscious journey that the BMW i3 brings to the road.