Can Chevy Bolt Use Tesla Superchargers? (Explained)

As electric vehicles surge in popularity, questions about charging accessibility and compatibility are at the forefront of potential buyers’ minds. The Chevy Bolt, a notable electric vehicle, has gained recognition for its performance and features.

One prevalent inquiry among prospective Bolt owners revolves around the feasibility of using Tesla Superchargers for a swift and convenient charging experience. Let’s dive into this query and examine the present charging scenario for Chevy Bolt enthusiasts.

Understanding the Charging Landscape

Charging infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. While Chevy has invested in its charging network, the allure of Tesla Superchargers, known for their speed and efficiency, presents an enticing option for many EV owners.

The question then arises: Can Chevy Bolt drivers tap into the extensive Tesla Supercharger network?

Current Charging Realities

Presently, Chevy Bolt owners face a unique circumstance regarding Tesla Superchargers. The viable method to charge a Bolt at a Tesla Supercharger involves visiting specific stations equipped with a “Magic Dock.”

These docks offer the necessary CCS connector compatible with the Bolt. However, it’s crucial to note that these specialized docks are available at select Supercharger stations, primarily situated in specific regions.

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Tesla’s Expanding Collaborations and Future Outlook

Looking forward, Tesla is gearing up to open its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles in the coming years. This initiative is part of a collaboration involving major automakers such as GM, Ford, Rivian, Volvo, and Polestar.

These manufacturers are transitioning to the Tesla connector standard, NACS, for their 2025+ EV models. This shift implies that current owners of these brands, equipped with CCS connectors akin to the Chevy Bolt, can procure a CCS to NACS adapter.

As of now, Chevy has not formalized any agreement with Tesla concerning NACS, leaving Bolt owners in anticipation.

Charging Process and Associated Costs

For fortunate Bolt owners with access to a Supercharger equipped with a Magic Dock, the charging process involves authentication and payment through the Tesla app.

While a Tesla subscription isn’t obligatory, it can potentially reduce overall charging expenses, serving as an added incentive for Bolt owners.

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Comparative Charging Experiences

Initial user feedback suggests a positive experience when charging the Chevy Bolt at Tesla Superchargers. With faster charging speeds ranging from 120-125 kW, Tesla Superchargers emerge as an efficient choice for Bolt owners, especially when compared to alternative charging networks.


In conclusion, while the current avenues for Chevy Bolt owners to leverage Tesla Superchargers may be limited, the future appears promising. As Tesla broadens access to its Supercharger network, Bolt owners might soon enjoy the convenience of this expansive charging infrastructure.

Until then, the availability of Magic Docks at select Supercharger stations offers a workaround for those seeking the efficiency and speed synonymous with Tesla’s renowned charging network. Stay tuned for updates as the electric vehicle charging landscape continues to evolve.