How to Resolve “Charging Equipment Not Ready” on a Tesla?

Electric cars are maintenance-free, true that. But EVs are not without problems. Even EVs from the most reputable and reliable brand, Tesla, are prone to errors.

One common error is “charging equipment not ready” on a Tesla. People often get this error when they are trying to charge their Tesla.

What does it mean, and what to do about it? Let’s find out in this article!

What Does Charging Equipment Not Ready Tesla Mean?

Charging equipment not ready error on Tesla means that something is wrong with the charging station. It implies that some barrier is not allowing communication between your Tesla and the charging station.

Many Tesla owners have faced this error while trying to charge their cars.

It typically indicates an external issue and not something wrong with the internal charging hardware. This should come as good news, but the error won’t let you charge your Tesla.

What are the Major Reasons Behind This Tesla Error?

There are two major reasons behind the charging equipment not ready error in Tesla. One is the activation of the scheduled charging feature, and the other is when the charging point is unable to recognize your vehicle due to a lack of authentication.

Many charging points use the scheduled charging feature. You can either fix the time when to charge your EV or fix the time not to use it.

If either of these functions is activated, then it would prevent charging any other vehicle on that particular charging point in that specific time slot.

The second reason is the lack of authentication. This is a very broad term. A charging point might not be able to recognize your Tesla due to several things, such as a charging card error, mobile app glitches, or a declined credit card.

Apart from these obvious reasons, something may be wrong with the charging station in literal terms.

For example, I know a friend who called the mobile tech when he wasn’t able to charge his Tesla. They said that the charging point had fluctuations in the AC power. Due to this, the charging process was not moving forward.

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How to Resolve the “Charging Equipment Not Ready” Error in Tesla?

Try moving to a different charging station and follow any additional SOPs. Sometimes the issue gets resolved by clearing the error notifications in the mobile app. If the error persists, try a different charging cable and adapter.

As this error indicates that something is wrong with the charging point, so the first logical step would be to try another charging station.

It is possible that that scheduled charging feature is activated on a charging point or some other thing is wrong with it.

“Charging equipment not ready” error is known to go away by trying a different charging cable.

Though a faulty charging cable is not the reason behind this error, it sometimes does the trick as certain cables and adapters are not compatible with each other.

One possible way to resolve the error is to open the Tesla app and clear any error notifications. Tesla app is not prone to this issue.

Rather this problem is quite common with 3rd party apps such as Charge Point. These apps won’t let you charge your Tesla until there is any active unresolved error notification in the app.

Sometimes all you need to do is follow the necessary instructions for using a specific charging point.

Try to follow all the SOPs to the best of your ability. It is possible that a certain charging point accepts only a particular payment interface. Watch out for these issues.

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What are Some Other Common Charging Errors in Tesla?

Apart from “charging equipment not ready”, some other common charging errors in Tesla are “unable to charge, unplug and try again” and “charging disabled, close the charging port.”

The unable to charge unplug and try again error is caused due to a faulty charging cable or broken port.

When you try to charge Tesla using a low-quality cable, this error may appear. Mostly this error indicates a problem with the charging equipment and not the charging hardware.

The second most common charging error of Tesla is the charging disabled message.

It usually appears when the cable isn’t properly inserted or locked in the adapter. Loose adapter pins and failing to close the charging port can also cause this problem.

How to Avoid Charging Errors in Tesla?

You can avoid charging errors in Tesla by using manufacturer-approved charging equipment such as cables and adapters. Also, ensure that your Tesla has internet access and it can get the latest over-the-air update.

Many charging errors in Tesla will go away if you simply unplug and replug the charging cable.

But people face certain issues due to outdated charging software. So, make sure that your Tesla is getting over-the-air updates and that there are no problems with the charging equipment.