Can BMW i4 Use Tesla Superchargers? The Truth

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, one of the key concerns for prospective buyers is the accessibility and compatibility of charging networks.

The BMW i4, an impressive electric sedan, has garnered attention for its performance and design.

However, a common question among potential i4 owners is whether they can utilize Tesla Superchargers for a quick and convenient charging experience. Let’s delve into this query and explore the current charging landscape for BMW i4 owners.

Understanding the Charging Challenge

Charging infrastructure remains a critical factor in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. While BMW has invested in its own charging network, the allure of Tesla Superchargers’ speed and efficiency makes them an appealing option for many EV owners.

So, can BMW i4 drivers benefit from the extensive Tesla Supercharger network?

The Current Scenario

As of now, BMW i4 owners face a unique situation when it comes to using Tesla Superchargers. The only feasible way to charge an i4 at a Tesla Supercharger is by visiting specific stations equipped with a “Magic Dock.”

These docks provide the necessary CCS connector required by the i4. However, it’s essential to note that these specialized docks are available at only about a dozen Supercharger stations, primarily located in New York state and two in California.

Tesla’s Alliances and Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Tesla is set to open up its Supercharger network to non-Tesla vehicles starting next year. This move is part of an alliance that includes major automakers such as Ford, GM, Rivian, Volvo, and Polestar.

These manufacturers have agreed to switch to the Tesla connector standard, NACS, for their 2025+ EV models. Consequently, current owners of these brands with CCS connectors, similar to the BMW i4, will be able to purchase a CCS to NACS adapter.

However, BMW has not yet announced any formal agreement with Tesla regarding NACS, leaving i4 owners in anticipation.

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Charging Process and Costs

For those fortunate enough to have access to a Supercharger with a Magic Dock, the charging process involves authentication and payment through the Tesla app.

While a Tesla subscription is not mandatory, it can reduce overall charging costs, providing an additional incentive for i4 owners.

Comparative Charging Experience

User testimonials suggest that charging the BMW i4 at Tesla Superchargers is a positive experience.

Faster charging speeds, ranging from 120-125 kW, make Tesla Superchargers an efficient choice for i4 owners, particularly when compared to other charging networks.

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In conclusion, while the current options for BMW i4 owners to use Tesla Superchargers are limited, the future holds promise.

As Tesla opens its Supercharger network to a broader range of electric vehicles, i4 owners may soon have the convenience of utilizing this extensive charging infrastructure.

Until then, the availability of Magic Docks at select Supercharger stations provides a workaround for those seeking the efficiency and speed of Tesla’s renowned charging network. Stay tuned for updates as the electric vehicle charging landscape continues to evolve.