Jaguar I-Pace Range Issues: How to Fix it?

Welcome to our guide on addressing Jaguar I-Pace range issues. If you’ve encountered unexpected drops in your I-Pace’s electric range, you’re not alone.

In this article, we’ll explore the causes behind these range anomalies and provide practical tips to resolve them, ensuring your I-Pace remains a reliable and efficient electric vehicle.

Whether you’re a seasoned I-Pace driver or new to electric cars, this guide will help you make the most of your vehicle.

What are the Possible Reasons and Fixes of the Range Loss in the Jaguar I-Pace?

Some I-Pace users report sudden range drops, for example from 260-265 miles at 100% charge down to 122 miles at an 86% charge level. There are 7 possible reasons behind it.

1. High-Temperature Charging

Charging the Jaguar I-Pace frequently using high-power chargers (DCFC) and doing so in elevated temperature conditions can temporarily affect the range indicator. When the battery experiences high heat levels during fast charging, it can lead to a momentary reduction in the displayed range.

Solution: If you’ve been using fast chargers in hot weather, it’s advisable to let the vehicle cool down. Slower charging or allowing the car to sit idle for some time can assist in battery rebalancing, resulting in a more accurate range estimate.

2. Climate Control Usage

The use of air conditioning or climate control can significantly influence the range indicator. Operating the climate control system, particularly in extreme weather conditions, can consume more energy, leading to a decrease in the estimated range.

Solution: To test if climate control is the primary cause of the range reduction, experiment by turning off the climate control system and monitor the range. Minimizing the use of climate control when it’s not essential can help conserve range.

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3. Software Glitches

Software glitches can occasionally impact the accuracy of the range indicator. Software issues can lead to incorrect range estimates, causing unnecessary concern for the driver.

Solution: If you suspect software-related problems, it is recommended to contact Jaguar’s customer support or visit an authorized service center. These professionals can diagnose and address potential software glitches through system updates, ensuring more precise range estimations.

4. Guess-O-Meter (GOM) Reset

Reset the GOM in order to recalibrate the range estimate, especially if it has been thrown off by certain factors.

Solution: To reset the GOM, follow these steps: turn the ignition on (with the foot off the brake), then press both the brake and accelerator pedals down fully and hold for 10 seconds. This reset procedure can help reestablish a more accurate range prediction.

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5. Navigation System Reconfiguration

Inputting a destination into the vehicle’s navigation system might be also helpful. Doing so prompts the car to recompute the range estimate, potentially resolving sudden range drops.

Solution: If you experience a sudden range decrease, try setting a destination in the navigation system. This may trigger the vehicle to recalculate the range estimate based on your travel plans, leading to a more accurate prediction.

6. Battery Rebalancing

In specific cases, the vehicle may require time to rebalance the battery pack. This rebalancing process can temporarily affect the accuracy of the range indicator.

Solution: If your Jaguar I-Pace experiences a range drop, it’s essential to be patient. Allow the vehicle the necessary time to complete any required battery rebalancing. The range should improve as the battery pack is rebalanced.

7. Temporary Glitches

As observed in the original forum thread, sometimes, range drops can be temporary glitches that resolve on their own.

Solution: In such cases, it is recommended to wait for a day or two to observe if the issue self-resolves before taking any further action. Monitoring the situation may save you from unnecessary interventions.


It’s important to understand that the reasons behind range loss can vary, and this guide offers general suggestions based on user experiences.

For specific and technical assistance, refer to your Jaguar I-Pace owner’s manual, contact Jaguar’s customer support, or visit an authorized service center.

These sources can provide tailored guidance and solutions to address range-related issues effectively.