Mach-e: Orange Light on Mobile Charger (How to Fix it?)

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has revolutionized the electric vehicle market, offering a thrilling and eco-conscious driving experience. Nonetheless, like any technological marvel, it isn’t immune to occasional hiccups.

One such issue that has perplexed some Mach-E owners is the unwelcome appearance of an orange light on their mobile charger, disrupting the charging process.

In thisguide, we delve into the origins of this problem and present practical solutions to get your Mach-E back on the road with ease.

Understanding the Orange Light Issue

Mach-E owners have reported encountering the orange light issue while attempting to charge their vehicles at home. This orange light serves as a signal for a variety of underlying issues, with charger overheating being the most prevalent.

The charger’s inbuilt safety system detects rising temperatures and reacts by reducing charging speed or halting it until the charger cools down.

Why Does It Happen?

Heavy Usage: The orange light issue often surfaces after extended periods of daily use. The mobile charger may not be engineered for heavy, continual use, making it susceptible to overheating.

Hot Temperatures: If the charging environment experiences elevated ambient temperatures, it can intensify charger overheating. EV chargers generate heat during the charging process, and when combined with a warm setting, the problem exacerbates.

Charger Design: The mobile charger provided with the Mach-E may have limitations regarding thermal management, rendering it more prone to overheating.

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Solutions to the Orange Light Issue

Check the 12″ Dongle: Ensure that the 12″ dongle, the cable connecting the charger to your vehicle, is securely and properly seated in the charger housing. Even a minor misalignment can create a fault, and resolving this connection issue might be all you need to fix the problem.

Reduce Heavy Daily Use: If you have been using the mobile charger daily for an extended period, consider minimizing its usage. The charger might not be intended for constant daily use, and it’s best reserved for trips or emergency situations.

Cool Down the Environment: If your charging area tends to get warm, take measures to cool it down. Adequate ventilation, a fan, or selecting cooler times of the day for charging can help prevent overheating and resolve the orange light issue.

Third-Party Charger: To avoid the orange light issue entirely, consider investing in a third-party Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for daily home charging. These chargers often boast superior thermal management, handling frequent use without overheating.

Warranty Replacement: Should the problem persist, contact your dealership to request a warranty replacement for your mobile charger. While some users have faced challenges in obtaining a replacement under warranty, persistence can often lead to a resolution.

Dedicated 240V Outlet: For users committed to using the mobile charger and aiming to prevent overheating, installing a dedicated 240V outlet and sub-panel can be an effective solution. This approach provides a more stable power supply and enhances the overall charging experience.

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The orange light issue with the mobile charger is a common challenge faced by some Mach-E owners. It’s important to recognize that the charger might not be designed for continuous daily use, and its thermal limitations can lead to overheating.

However, practical solutions are available to address this problem and ensure a smoother charging experience for your Ford Mustang Mach-E.