Mustart EV Charger: Common Problems and Fixes

Mustart electric vehicle chargers have gained popularity for their affordability and efficiency.

However, as users explore these chargers, they encounter various issues. In this article, we’ll delve into common problems reported by users and provide insights into potential solutions.

1. Prong Melting Issue

Some Mustart charger users, particularly those with a 2021 Rav4 Prime, encountered difficulties inserting and removing the plug. This resulted in the discovery of a melted prong that became lodged in the charging port.

Issue Details:

Overheating in Cold Weather: Users reported that as temperatures dropped, it became increasingly challenging to insert or remove the plug. The colder conditions seemed to exacerbate the problem, leading to a melted prong.

Potential Port Damage: The melted prong caused concern as it remained stuck in the car’s charging port, rendering it unusable.

Potential Solution: Mustart users facing similar issues are advised to:

Monitor Charging Sessions: Pay close attention to the charging process, especially in colder temperatures.

Contact Customer Support: Reach out to Mustart’s customer support for guidance and potential solutions.

2. Charger Overheating in High-Powered Vehicles

Owners of high-powered electric vehicles, specifically the Rav4 Prime SXE, reported instances of overheating during 6.6 kW charging sessions.

Issue Details:

Excessive Heat Generation: Users observed that the charger exhibited signs of overheating during high-powered charging sessions, leading to concerns about potential damage.

Melted Components: In extreme cases, melted components were reported, raising questions about the charger’s compatibility with high-powered EVs.

Potential Solution: Mustart recommends users take the following steps:

Exercise Caution: Be vigilant during high-powered charging sessions and consider reducing the charging rate if signs of overheating are observed.

Contact Customer Support: Reach out to Mustart’s customer support for guidance and potential solutions.

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3. Compatibility Issues with Some EV Models

Discussions in forums included reports of compatibility issues between Mustart chargers and specific electric vehicle models, resulting in inconsistent charging performance.

Issue Details:

Charger Communication Problems: Users experienced challenges in establishing a stable connection between the Mustart charger and certain EV models, leading to interrupted charging sessions.

Model-Specific Compatibility: Some users found that the charger performed inconsistently across various electric vehicle models.

Potential Solution: Mustart suggests the following:

Check for Firmware Updates: Regularly check Mustart’s official website for firmware updates that may address compatibility issues.

Contact Customer Support: Reach out to Mustart’s customer support for assistance and to inquire about model-specific compatibility information.

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4. Faulty Temperature Sensor Readings

Reports surfaced regarding inaccurate temperature readings from Mustart charger sensors during charging sessions.

Issue Details:

Incorrect Temperature Information: Users noted discrepancies in the temperature readings provided by the charger’s sensors, raising concerns about the accuracy of the charging process.

Potential Overheating: Inaccurate temperature readings could potentially lead to overheating issues.

Potential Solution: Mustart acknowledges the sensor issue and recommends the following:

Contact Customer Support: Users experiencing temperature sensor issues are encouraged to reach out to Mustart’s customer support for troubleshooting and potential solutions

Issue Details: Delays in addressing reported issues, leading to prolonged downtime for chargers.

Potential Solution: Mustart commits to improving customer support responsiveness. Users are encouraged to reach out through multiple channels for quicker assistance.


While Mustart EV chargers offer an affordable charging solution, users should be aware of potential challenges.

Regularly checking for firmware updates, monitoring charging sessions, and promptly reaching out to customer support can contribute to a more reliable and trouble-free charging experience.

Staying informed and proactive is key to optimizing your EV charging setup.