Myenergi App not Updating? Here’s What to Do!

In the rapidly advancing landscape of smart energy solutions, the MyEnergi app stands as a cornerstone, empowering users to manage their Zappi electric vehicle chargers and Harvi energy monitors with ease.

However, users occasionally encounter challenges when the app fails to update, leading to concerns about data accuracy and overall functionality.

In this guide, we’ll delve into common issues users face and provide comprehensive troubleshooting steps to ensure a seamless MyEnergi app experience.

Identifying the Problem

Users often report issues such as the app not updating data from their devices, connectivity errors, and unusual symbols like yellow exclamation marks. These issues can hinder the ability to monitor and control smart energy devices effectively.

Common Scenarios

1. Connectivity Glitches:

  • Users may experience connectivity issues between their devices and the MyEnergi app, resulting in delayed or inaccurate data updates.
  • The appearance of a yellow exclamation mark is an indicator of a potential connection problem or missing data.

2. Device Recognition and Serial Number Mix-Up:

  • Some users encounter a scenario where the serial number of one device is displayed on another device’s screen within the app, causing confusion and potentially impacting functionality.

3. Installation Oversights:

  • Users often face issues with the app not displaying usage information, highlighting potential installation oversights. The absence of Current Transformers (CTs) on the Zappi device might affect data reporting.

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Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check Device Connectivity:

  • Ensure that devices (e.g., Zappi, Harvi) are connected to the internet with a stable connection to prevent data update delays.

2. Verify Serial Numbers:

  • Confirm the correct placement of CTs and ensure that devices are recognized in the app. Mismatched serial numbers can be indicative of installation or configuration issues.

3. Reboot Devices and Router:

  • Perform a reboot of Zappi, the hub, and the router. This can help resolve temporary glitches in connectivity that may be hindering data updates.

4. Check for Firmware Updates:

  • Ensure that all devices have the latest firmware updates installed. Firmware updates often contain bug fixes and improvements that can address connectivity issues.

5. CT Clamp Installation:

  • If the app is not displaying usage information accurately, verify the installation of CT clamps, especially the grid CT for Zappi. These clamps are crucial for precise data reporting.

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6. Contact MyEnergi Support:

  • If troubleshooting steps prove ineffective, reaching out to MyEnergi support can provide personalized assistance. Support teams can identify issues and offer tailored solutions.

Preventing Future Issues

To ensure a smooth MyEnergi app experience, users are encouraged to:

  • Regularly check for firmware updates and install them promptly.
  • Communicate with installers to confirm the correct placement of devices and the installation of necessary components like CT clamps.
  • Stay informed about potential issues and updates through official channels to proactively address emerging challenges.


Troubleshooting MyEnergi app update issues is essential for maintaining accurate and real-time data for effective energy management.

By following the suggested steps and staying informed about potential issues, users can enjoy a seamless experience with their MyEnergi devices.

Proactive engagement with support teams and adherence to best practices ensure a robust and reliable smart energy management system.