Pod Point not Connecting to Wi-Fi: Troubleshooting Guide

Pod Point offers a home charging solution that allows users to connect to their home Wi-Fi network and manage their charging schedules from an app. However, connecting to Wi-Fi can sometimes be a challenge.

In this article, we will explore the reasons why a Pod Point might not connect to Wi-Fi and provide solutions to get it up and running.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a short summary of the article:

Pod Point might not connect to Wi-Fi, probably because there might be a problem with the network. You can access the Pod Point page on a different device, reset the router, or check for firmware updates.

Why Pod Point isn’t Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Problem 1: Pod Point’s own Wi-Fi network is not displaying any Wi-Fi networks

In that case, try accessing the Pod Point page on a different browser, or device. Some browsers might not render the page properly, and using a different one could help.

If the problem persists, the router might be poorly configured, or the Pod Point’s antenna might be loose or badly aligned. Contacting a professional might be necessary if the Pod Point is still under warranty.

Problem 2: Pod Point is unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks

If the Pod Point’s Wi-Fi network is displaying other networks, but it’s unable to connect, it could be a problem with the network itself. Some older devices only connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, while some new routers only transmit 5GHz.

It’s important to ensure that the router is compatible with the Pod Point. If the Wi-Fi network is compatible, try restarting the router and resetting the Pod Point. If this doesn’t work, contact customer support.

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Problem 3: Pod Point is not connecting to Wi-Fi after moving to a new location

If the Pod Point was moved to a new location by someone other than a professional from Pod Point, it’s possible that the installation might have invalidated the warranty.

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In such cases, contacting a professional might be necessary. Before doing so, try resetting the Pod Point and ensure that the Wi-Fi network is compatible with the device.

Other Possible Solutions

  • Ensure that the Pod Point’s software is up-to-date
  • Check for any firmware updates
  • Make sure that the Wi-Fi network is secure, with the correct password
  • Move the Wi-Fi closer to the Pod Point if there is a weak signal
  • If the Pod Point is still unable to connect to the Wi-Fi, try using a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signal