Subaru Solterra: Understanding Charge Times and Best Practices

The Subaru Solterra, Subaru’s first all-electric SUV, has been making waves in the electric vehicle (EV) community. As potential owners explore the capabilities of this environmentally conscious vehicle, one key aspect that often piques interest is the charging time.

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the charging options, times, and best practices for maximizing the efficiency of charging your Subaru Solterra.

Charging Options for Subaru Solterra: A Versatile Approach

Recharging the Subaru Solterra is designed to be simple and convenient, offering a variety of options both at home and on the go. The vehicle is equipped to leverage rapid public charging points for quick top-ups during your journeys.

Utilizing a 150kW fast-charging system at public charging stations allows you to reach an impressive 80% charge in approximately 30 minutes. This rapid charging capability is a game-changer for those who need a quick boost while out and about.

At home, the Solterra provides owners with the flexibility to choose between cost-effective charging through a wall-box or plugging into an available mains socket.

The charging times at home are noteworthy, with an 80% charge attainable in 7-8 hours using a 7kW AC charger. This home charging option caters to the convenience of charging overnight or during off-peak hours, aligning with your schedule and saving costs.

Understanding Charging Speeds: Fast and Smart

Similar to the charging behavior of mobile phones, the Subaru Solterra’s battery exhibits a dynamic charging speed. The battery charges most rapidly up to 20%, after which the charging rate slows down.

This intentional design is implemented to protect the longevity of the battery, a crucial factor in the overall performance and lifespan of the electric vehicle.

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Factors Influencing Charging Times: A Multifaceted Equation

Charging times for the Subaru Solterra are influenced by a myriad of factors, each playing a role in determining the speed and efficiency of the charging process.

These factors include external temperature, the current state of the battery, the existing level of charge, the capabilities of the charging unit, and the power supply conditions.

The interplay of these elements emphasizes the need for a holistic understanding of the charging environment to optimize the charging experience.

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Optimizing Charging Efficiency: Setting the Right Targets

To preserve the usable capacity of the battery and ensure optimal performance, Subaru recommends setting a charging target of 80% for everyday use. This aligns with the understanding that charging past 80% can lead to a slowdown in the charging rate, a deliberate measure to safeguard the battery’s longevity.

For longer journeys where a full charge is necessary, pushing the charging target to 100% is advised, providing the necessary range for extended travel.

Cautionary Steps for Mains Socket Use: Safety First

For those choosing the convenience of plugging into a mains socket at home, a note of caution is sounded. It is strongly recommended to have the socket checked by an approved electrician before use.

This ensures that the socket and its associated components can safely carry the required load for charging the Subaru Solterra. Alternatively, to enhance safety and charging efficiency, Subaru recommends the installation of a dedicated 240V/16 Amp socket.


In conclusion, understanding the charging dynamics of the Subaru Solterra is key to optimizing the ownership experience.

Whether charging on the go with rapid public charging points or embracing the convenience of home charging, owners can tailor their charging practices to suit their lifestyle and preferences.

By adhering to recommended charging targets and ensuring the safety of home charging infrastructure, Subaru Solterra owners can embark on a sustainable and efficient journey towards a charged future