Why is My Tesla Wall Charger Blinking Green? Explained

Understanding the Issue

The blinking green light is an indicator that the Wall Connector is in commissioning mode. According to the Tesla owner’s manual, a solid green light signifies that the charger is ready to charge.

However, during commissioning, the light pulses to signal that the unit is still in the process of configuring settings such as Wi-Fi connection, breaker size, and power sharing.

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What if the Charger is Blinking too Long?

Disconnect Devices: Disconnecting your phone or laptop from the charger network and waiting for all clients to clear might resolve the issue. This allows the Wall Connector to finalize its configurations and transition to a solid green light.

Wait for Clearing: Waiting a few minutes after disconnecting devices. However, the light should turn solid green after 30 minutes of waiting.

Use Despite Commissioning Mode: The Wall Connector may stay in commissioning mode for a while, but it can still be used once configured for amperage or power sharing. This suggests that the blinking green light might not necessarily hinder the functionality of the charger.

Check for Firmware Updates: Ensure that the charger has the latest firmware updates. It’s possible that an outdated firmware version could contribute to the blinking green light issue.

Monitor Changes: Sometimes the blinking green light persists until the charger is actively used. Once a compatible Tesla vehicle is connected and begins charging, the light transitions to a solid green when not in use.

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In conclusion, while the blinking green light may seem unusual, it is typically a temporary condition associated with the commissioning phase.

Following these troubleshooting steps can potentially resolve the issue and ensure that your Gen 3 Tesla Wall Charger operates seamlessly, providing reliable charging for your Tesla vehicle.