Tesla Charger “T” Flashing Red: What’s the Problem?

Tesla owners occasionally encounter challenges with their charging equipment, and one notable concern is the flashing red “T” on the Tesla Mobile Connector.

This distinctive indicator signals a problem that may impact the charging process.

In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind the flashing red “T” and delve into common troubleshooting steps provided by Tesla experts and the broader Tesla community.

Understanding the Issue

When faced with a flashing red “T,” Tesla owners often find themselves questioning the cause of this unexpected behavior.

The first step in unraveling the mystery is to understand the error code associated with the flashing “T.”

According to the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Owners Manual, a sequence of five red flashes indicates a reduction in charging current due to a detected fault in the adapter.

Troubleshooting Steps

To address the flashing red “T,” you should start with the basics. The manual recommends ensuring that the Mobile Connector’s adapter is correctly attached.

This fundamental step serves as a crucial point of inspection and often resolves the issue without further intervention.

Inspecting Connection Points

It’s essential to inspect all connection points thoroughly. A common discovery among Tesla owners facing the red flashing “T” is that the issue may lie in the connection between the adapter cords and the mobile connector.

Applying pressure or adjusting the connection can often lead to a resolution, turning the red flashing “T” into a stable green.

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Additional Troubleshooting Suggestions

If this doesn’t work, consider unplugging and replugging the charging plug to testing with different adapters. You can also perform a two-button reboot on the car.

Also consider inspecting ground and neutral wires for potential issues.

Environmental Considerations

External factors, such as cold and wet conditions might also trigger a ground fault indication. In these cases, a simple reboot of the car might resolve the issue.

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Identifying Faulty Components

In cases where the flashing red “T” persists, a methodical approach to identifying and replacing potentially faulty components is crucial.

Thorough troubleshooting, including checking internal connections within the Tesla connector, has proven effective in resolving the issue for some owners.


The flashing red “T” on the Tesla charger serves as a vital indicator of potential issues with the charging process.

By following systematic troubleshooting steps, owners can address the flashing red “T” promptly, ensuring a more reliable and efficient charging experience