Zappi Tethered Cable Length: All You Need to Know

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, homeowners are exploring efficient and sustainable charging solutions. The Zappi 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charger has gained attention for its innovative features and compatibility with renewable energy sources.

One crucial consideration when installing a Zappi 2 is the choice of tethered cable length, which plays a significant role in providing flexibility and convenience for EV owners.

Understanding Zappi 2 Tethered Cables

The Zappi 2 comes with two primary configurations: tethered and untethered. The tethered version includes a fixed cable that connects directly to the EV, while the untethered version allows users to choose and attach their cable.

In this discussion, we’ll focus on the tethered option, specifically the cable length.

Standard Tethered Cable Length

The standard tethered cable length for a Zappi 2 is 6.5 meters. This length is designed to provide sufficient reach for most charging scenarios, allowing users to connect their EVs without much difficulty.

However, individual circumstances may vary, prompting users to assess their specific needs before finalizing their Zappi 2 installation.

User Scenarios and Considerations

Parking Configurations: Some users, like those who park behind another vehicle regularly, may find a 6.5-meter cable restrictive. In such cases, a longer cable may be desirable for added flexibility.

Late Arrivals: Homeowners who arrive home late and occasionally park behind another car may benefit from a longer tethered cable, eliminating the need to reposition vehicles for charging.

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Exploring Longer Cable Options

1. Untethered Zappi Option:

  • Users can opt for the untethered Zappi 2 and purchase a longer cable separately. This provides the flexibility to choose the cable length that best suits their parking arrangements.

2. Third-Party Cable Replacement:

  • Some users have explored the option of replacing the standard tethered cable with a longer one. However, it’s essential to consider potential warranty implications and Myenergi’s guidelines.

3. Supplier Offerings:

  • Suppliers such as Ecoharmony Ltd offer 10-meter tethered cables for Zappi 2, providing users with an alternative to the standard length.

4. Direct Inquiry with Myenergi:

  • Users interested in longer cables can directly contact Myenergi to inquire about special requests or available options. Myenergi may offer specific cable lengths to meet individual needs.

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Warranty Considerations

While the flexibility of longer cables is appealing, users must be mindful of warranty considerations. Using third-party cables or modifying the Zappi unit may impact the warranty, particularly during the initial years of ownership.

Users are encouraged to seek clarification from Myenergi regarding warranty coverage when considering cable modifications.


Choosing the right Zappi 2 tethered cable length involves a thoughtful assessment of individual needs and parking scenarios.

While the standard 6.5-meter cable may suit many users, those with specific requirements can explore alternative options such as untethered configurations or longer cables from reputable suppliers.

Clear communication with Myenergi and careful consideration of warranty implications are crucial steps in ensuring a seamless and reliable charging experience with the Zappi 2.